The Kind Cut



Buzzing with excitement? Want to be involved? Heck yes. Why not take a moment to read through some of our FAQ, and see if we have your questions covered. If not, pop us an email, and we will get back to you as soon as we can…

‘How Can I Help’?

The easiest thing you can do is to share some of our posts on your story and feed. Tag us, and any local barbers and homeless charities / shelters in your area using #TheKindCut and #JoinTheMovement. Help us widen our outreach and connect volunteers networks across the country!

‘How do I know when your next event is?’

For updates on where we will be next, what we are doing, and latest developments in #TheKindCut movement, sign up for our mailing list here. We promise we will never email anything that isn’t directly relevant to future events, so you don’t have to worry about inbox clutter.

‘I’m a hairstylist in LA! How can I get involved?’

Great! We always need volunteers. Our next outreach events are currently announced on our Instagram account. If you are available, make yourself known to us by email, and get on down.

Please try to bring any of the following:
Scissors, Clippers, Combes, Brushes, Water Spray, Sanitizer Spray, Paper Towels, Hairdryer, Extension Cord …

In a Nutshell : anything you would bring to cut and lightly style a clients hair outside a salon environment. This is not essential, but can help us with distributing resources.

‘Erm, I’m not a hairstylist, can I still volunteer?’

Ab-so-lutely! Pop us an email here to let us know you’re coming, and you can help with any of the following.

Thanks for your compassion and desire to help a man, woman or child experiencing homelessness. Care Kits (some suggestions are below) are a simple way to provide practical help for the people you encounter on the streets. Keep some in your car so you will be prepared to offer them to a person in need. Together, we can give hope and restore life to everyone experiencing homelessness.

1. SOCKS People that are experiencing homelessness spend a lot of time on their feet trying to get to resources and appointments. A fresh pair of clean, dry socks can feel like heaven on tired, soggy feet. Throw in some band-aids to help ease the pain of blisters.

2. SNACKS AND WATER Throw in some packets of nuts, crackers, dried fruit, trail mix, granola bars, breakfast bars, instant noodles or other lightweight, quick snacks.  Water brings relief, especially in hot weather.

3. HYGIENE ITEMS Add anti-bacterial lotion for when soap and water aren’t available. Include small soaps and shampoo from your hotel stays. Consider lip balm, toothpaste, toothbrush, washcloth, comb, brush, razor, shaving cream and deodorant. l.

4. ENCOURAGEMENT All the items listed previously are helpful, but the most meaningful part of a Care Kit is the opportunity for a conversation and friendship. Your smile and offer of help could be the encouragement that someone that is experiencing homelessness needs to make it through another day. Take time to learn their name, listen to their story, and offer to pray with them


Fragranced items such as soap, hand lotion or deodorant can negatively affect the taste of food items if placed in the same bag. Pack these separately if you choose to give them.

Avoid items such as mouthwash or hand sanitizer that contain alcohol.

Have a Care Kit party! Gather family, friends, co- workers or your community group to purchase supplies and assemble Care Kits together.

Care Kits are useful both in warm and cold weather. In summer, include sunblock or frozen bottles of water. In winter, include gloves, hats or heat packs.

‘I’m coming to your next event! What should I wear?’

Ideally something black, that will be easy to move and work in. If you donate here, we will bring you one of our #TheKindCut T-shirts, and support the movement in style.


‘I’m coming to your next event! What time should I arrive?’

Wonderful. Individual events and times are available are usually announced a week prior to the event and are advertised through The Kind Cut Instagram account and our mailing list. If you think you are going to be late, or you can only make half the day, or another quirky variation or ‘I can’t do those exact times’, then that is totally cool. If you can, pop us a quick email to let us know when you are able to join we will plan accordingly.

‘I’m in Europe. Do you do international events?’

We are currently based in LA, and – whilst we occasionally do one-off events elsewhere – our main outreach remains within the city. Don’t worry, we are keen to start collaborations with hairdressers, barbers and homeless shelters all over the world. But we have to take things one step at a time…


‘I live in _____. Want to collaborate?’

We love collaborating with stylists where ever we can. If you have an idea, or want to find out more about how your salon or profile can help, drop us an email here, and we will be in touch.


‘How can I donate?’

 Easy peasy. Click here to donate. Thank you!